The silly nanny goat

Pep Bruno

After looking all over the village, Miguel found his nanny goat on a roof top. “Does she think she’s a weather vane? Does she think she’s a chimney? Perhaps a cat? Miguel asked himself. With the help of a few flowers, a story book and a handfull of salt (nanny goats like salt more than children like ice cream), the silly nanny goat went back to where it belonged. The writer tells us, remembering his childhood, that in the village there were two or three nanny goats to a house. Early in the morning, when the children were on their way to school they took their goats and left them with the goatherd in the square. The goatherd went into the hills and the children went to school. At the end of the day the children collected their nanny goats -although more than one went to the pen. That way, the nanny goat went back home with its belly full, ready to give milk, and the children with their heads full of what they had learnt at school. The silly nanny goat -or wise nanny goat- stems from the observation and knowledge of the countryside, constituting an indirect formula for observing and understanding the realistic and fantastic side of things.

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